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Consumer Protections Highlight August Meeting

The American River Democrats August meeting will feature guest speaker Noemi Esparza, a practicing attorney at the firm Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora in Sacramento. Noemi is very active with Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) and she is an officer on CAOC’s Diversity Committee. Noemi has testified before the legislature numerous times and she is a former legislative staffer, so she is extremely knowledgeable about policy and the legislative process and the Capitol’s political dynamics. She will be speaking about consumer issues, and specifically two pending bills in the California Legislature.

Senate Bill 33 (Bill Dodd) addresses the “forced arbitration” agreements that we all sign with literally every purchase for goods and services. This agreement does not allow us to sue or pursue other legal means of recourse.  For example, if we have AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc., we signed this agreement with them at the time we signed up for service. The recent issues with Wells Fargo Bank brought the need for this bill to prominence.

Senate Bill 632 (Bill Monning) would set a precedent for deposition of terminally ill patients who are involved in lawsuits when their illness is a result of a product/workplace or other harmful exposure. The asbestos exposure case is one of the best examples as litigation has been drawn out for so long, with lengthy depositions, that the patients often succumb before all information is gathered.

Several documents have been provided to give us more background on these two measures, including editorials and resolutions in support of them, and a format letter example to send to your representatives.

SB33: SB 33 (Dodd) Fact Sheet 7-25-17 SB 33 Reso August 2017 for DPSC Sac Bee editorial supporting SB 33 SB 33 (Dodd) text as amended 7-3-17

SB632 SB 632 (Monning) Fact Sheet 7-26-17 DPSC – SB632 Reso 7-12-17 BEWARE THE FINE PRINT Parts 1-3 w cover SB 632 (Monning) as amended 7-10-17 SB 632_Model Support letter

Join us on Wednesday, August 16 to hear more about these important consumer issues. The American River Democrats will meet at 6:30 pm, at Samurai Sushi, 12251 Folsom Blvd (Hazel at Hwy 50) in Rancho Cordova. Guests are always welcome!