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October Meeting will be in Support of Ami Bera

It has been said that Republicans win elections because wealthy people spend lots of money convincing poor people to vote for them, and Democrats win elections because passionate people work hard educating people about leaders who will work for them.

That of course is wildly oversimplified, but the truth is Barack Obama and other Democrats largely succeed when grass roots efforts are made to support them. We’ll just never be able to outspend the likes of the Koch brothers.

As a Democratic club, we are committed to working hard to do what it takes to spread the word and support our candidates. Sometimes that means knocking on doors, registering voters, and reaching out at events. But one of the easiest and most effective tools if making calls to voters.

Many are uncomfortable at the idea of calling strangers and talking them into something, but there are all kinds of calls to make, and we have agreed to devote this month’s meeting to calling Democrats in the area just to remind them of how important it will be to vote in this election. Calling someone who is already very likely on your side is a piece of cake compared to calling a Sean Hannity fan and telling them the affordable care act is a good thing that can only get better…

Even in a district like ours where Democrats are slightly ahead of Republicans in registration, and where Bera won the seat two years ago, a mid-term election can be lost when people don’t bother to vote.

So we are asking club members to show up to the October meeting, bring a charged phone, and go down a list of local Democrats and ask for support. Remind them how important it will be to show up on election day, or mail their ballot in, and support Ami Bera and other Democrats.

This is Congressman Bera’s seat to lose – and he will lose it without hard work and dedicated support. Just listen to the nonsense in the next Doug Ose ad to see how important your efforts will be.

Join the American River Democrats to pitch in and do your part to re-elect Dr. Ami Bera to Congress. Food will be provided to help make it a fun and productive event!


The America River Democrats October Meeting will be at Samurai Sushi, Wednesday, October 15, 12251 Folsom Bl, Rancho Cordova.

We begin our gathering at 6:30 for introduction and food.

Samurai Sushi is near the Hazel exit from the 50 freeway on Folsom Blvd.

Guests are always welcome!