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A Message from the American River Democrats

The American River Democrats have accepted the resignation of our Treasurer Allan Brauer following a series of “appalling and inexcusable” personal twitter comments, some of which were widely broadcast after directed to a GOP staffer. Mr. Brauer has apologized for his comments and the negative attention they have brought on the club.

As a Board we continue to support the right to express our concerns regarding political activities on any issue but expect that these expressions by our Board & members will be done in an informed and thoughtful manner.

Barbara Leary
President, American River Democrats

Learn More about Our September Guest Speaker

Amanda Wilcox, Legislation & Policy Co-Chair, California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


Join us Wednesday, September 18th for the next meeting of the American River Democrats, featuring guest speaker Amanda Wilcox.

Amanda and Nick Wilcox have lived in rural Nevada County, California for over thirty-five years. Amanda has long been involved in education and is currently in her fourth term on the local school board. As a scientist, Nick has been a teacher, chemist, and most recently, a specialist in water policy with the State Water Resource Control Board. Now retired, Nick serves as a Director for Nevada Irrigation District.

Always disturbed by gun violence and its innocent victims, Amanda and Nick faithfully made annual donations to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence for over twenty years. They never thought that they would personally be touched by gun violence, but their world was turned upside-down when their bright and beautiful daughter, Laura, was killed in a rampage shooting in January 2001 by a man with severe mental illness. Feeling compelled to dedicate themselves to the goal of reducing violence in society, they became more deeply involved in gun violence prevention as well as advocating for improved mental health care in California. Laura’s Law, which allows for court ordered assisted outpatient treatment for those with serious mental illness, was named after their daughter. Nick and Amanda are serving as the Legislation & Policy Chairs for the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. As citizen lobbyists in Sacramento for over eight years, they have been instrumental in the enactment of significant firearm laws.