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Preventing Gun Violence Is Topic for September Meeting

Brady CampaignThe American River Democrats invite you to join us for our September meeting on Wednesday, September 18th, at Samurai Sushi, 12251 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova (South of Hwy 50 at Hazel). Social/dining time begins at 6:30 pm, the meeting starts at 7 pm.

Our guest speaker will be Amanda Wilcox of the California chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Click here for more information about Amanda Wilcox. This organization was founded by Jim and Sarah Brady after he was seriously wounded in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

Join Amanda Wilcox, who has been involved with gun violence prevention for over 10 years, to learn about current legislation at the State and Federal level, the politics driving the discussion, and the importance of education in changing public attitudes.  Amanda and her husband, Nick, serve as Legislation and Policy Chairs for the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. A question and answer session will follow their presentation. Actions to support sensible change will be considered.

Some sample statistics from the Brady Campaign website:

  • One in three people in the U.S. know someone who has been shot.
  • On average, 32 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 140 are treated for a gun assault in an emergency room.
  • Every day on average, 51 people kill themselves with a firearm, and 45 people are shot or killed in an accident with a gun.
  • The U.S. firearm homicide rate is 20 times higher than the combined rates of 22 countries that are our peers in wealth and population.
  • Although guns can and have been used successfully in self-defense in the home, a gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a domestic homicide, suicide, or unintentional shooting than to be used in self-defense.

ARDems to Focus on Veterans at August Meeting

veterans caucusJoin the American River Democrats Wednesday, August 21st for our monthly club meeting. We meet at Samurai Sushi, 12251 Folsom Blvd (south of Hwy 50 at Hazel Ave) in Rancho Cordova. Gather at 6:30 pm to socialize and order food if you like, the meeting begins at 7 pm. Visitors are always welcome!

Lawson StuartOur guest speaker this month will be Lawson Stuart. Lawson is the Chair of the Veterans Caucus of the CA Democratic Party. Lawson also currently serves as Director of the Pacific-Fruitridge Fire Protection District here in Sacramento County.

Lawson will talk about the challenges returning military veterans face when integrating into civilian life, and how the Democratic Party can best advocate for and win services and benefits for our veterans.